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Share prototypes
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Discover ambitious creators.

Discover ambitious creators.

And get a peak behind the scenes.

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Products are built by people, not companies.

And we believe people care about working on interesting products with other great individuals.

So we designed CreatorSpace to put them into the spotlight.


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The creators

Sélim Benayat
CEO, Co-founder
Mugeeb Hassan
CTO, Co-founder
Eike Drescher
Founding Designer
Valerie Krämer
Community & Growth

Our story

Everyday you see all these cool products being launched and wonder: how was this actually built? At least this is what we asked ourselves many times.

We're builders, creators and makers ourselves and searched for a way to proudly and easily share our work and progress but also enable others to learn from our challenges, milestones and successes. In a beautiful but transparent show don’t tell kinda way.

This is why we're building CreatorSpace. It's a place where ambitious creators share their work, explore new opportunities and connect with incredible peers - to cheer for each other, learn and collaborate.

We envision a future where individuals can make a living doing what they love online, working on meaningful projects with cool people they care about.

We’re at the beginning of the biggest creative explosion and the largest shift of economic empowerment of our lifetime. It will uplift people over companies, enable people to work on their own terms, and lead to a more equitable future.

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